That’s the message I’ve discovered in 2020!

When our world came to a grinding halt, we endeavoured to kickstart 21st Century Yoga as a Digital Yoga Shala. Unlimited by geography, we found a Tribe of Yogis across the world united by a singular passion to practice Yoga, Meditate and learn Philosophy.

To say ABHYASA has the most dedicated students I’ve taught is an understatement.

Research said 45 minute classes work best online, 2-3 times a week. As a Teacher, I was determined to Teach that kind of Student for whom Yoga is not a mere hobby. It’s much deeper.
And so we went ahead with 75 minute classes, 7 days a week!

We’ve been blessed to work with an amazing Team:
Samaneh and Purnima help each Yogi through their Abhyasa practice and our fantastic mentors.
Chinmayee Pai has been a Yoga Teacher for a decade and we’ve worked together for years, making her the ideal Yogi to manage our content delivery.
Saurav Chordia designs our artworks faster than I’ve ever seen any designer work – allowing us to do more! Pushkar Mehta is our SEO maverick who’s helping us share the magic with more people across the globe!
Thanks to Sumeru for building our website overnight to launch on Int’l Yoga Day, June 21.
Thanks a ton!!

It’s been an incredible Journey to lead such a vibrant Tribe of Yogis through Abhyasa and Beyond Asana (our in-depth Yoga learning course). In February of 2021, we launch the 300 hrs Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and on June 21st we’ll lead a Himalayan Yoga Hiking Retreat!

Amazing times ahead! KEEP PRACTISING!

Manish Pole

Reflections & Experiences from the 21st Century Yoga Community
on how Yoga helped them in 2020