Online Yoga Courses from the comfort of your home

Online Yoga Courses allow you to learn from the convenience of your home, which means you save nearly 1 hour (preparation time before and after class). 

The other benefit is that you can learn from any Teacher you wish to from anywhere in the world.

Finally, the yoga courses that are not ‘Live’ allow you the flexibility to practice at a timing that suits your lifestyle.

What will you learn from our online yoga courses?

Every Yoga student attending our online yoga courses gets to Practice Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation and also learn Yoga Philosophy and allied subjects such as Ayurveda. We have a healthy culture of group discussion around every topic we learn together.

Learn Yoga & Meditation Online through our Abhyasa Course

The ABHYASA program yokes together 3 distinct segments of yoga practices – focusing on BODY, MIND and on PRANA in one harmonious experience. Sankalpa, Asanas, Pranayama, Shatkriyas, Mudras, Bandhas, OM & Meditation are the tools used – to bring about an experience of STILLNESS + SILENCE. Practiced daily for 75 mins.

A unique curated Meditation course – embracing “The Prophet’s” timeless Wisdom through Self-Reflection on its 26 poems. Prepare for a Journey into the deepest Questions on Life, Love, Marriage, Work, Prayer, Sorrow, Death and much more. Everyday we’ll meditate on one of the poems – together they cover the entire range of Human Experiences.

If you, or someone you know is feeling stuck within your body-mind-emotions, we could work with the entire Yogic toolkit to Transform and ‘Uplevel’ your daily experience of living. You can get on a 30 mins weekly call plus also interact with me via Whatsapp regularly. Every student also gets access to our online yoga course; Abhyasa.

Yoga is the world’s foremost Body-Mind-Spirit practice and the world’s oldest ongoing tradition. As a Yoga educator for nearly 20 years, I am Inspired to Teach you all the tools you need as a modern seeker. This isn’t a course to learn Yoga as a textbook subject – but through Yoga to explore what it truly means to be a Yogi!

Beyond Asana is an advanced yoga training course that covers 21 modules ranging from Mantras & Mudras to Yoga Sutras, Shatkriyas and Ayurveda. We have designed a course that allows you to learn Yoga at considerable depth. There are 50 hours of lectures and practice videos – so you have a holistic understanding of Yoga.