Yoga for peace of mind with 21CY

In today’s times most people are struggling with stress. Yoga is very successful in managing stress, because we train the mind to become focused and that helps us to cope with stress. The negation of stress is through focus.

21st Century Yoga courses a designed to train the mind, and also through meditation to go deeper than the mind. Once we understand that there is more to us than what our mind is saying, then stress depression negative attitude to Life drop away. It is not through therapy, but by understanding that we need to to witness our mind. This witnessing allows our mind to be at peace. Our courses for Abhyasa and Beyond Aasana offer yoga for peace of mind

Mindfulness meditation is rooted in the Buddhist discipline of Smriti or remembrance of Self.

Modern mindfulness meditation is based on watching the breath and thoughts. The 21st Century Yoga course ‘Beyond Asana’ offers many different meditation techniques including mindfulness.

There are 7 modules in the Beyond Asana course dedicated to body transformation – right from Shatkriyas or yogic cleansing techniques to Ayurveda to understand your body type better. There are modules on Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa krama practices and on Surya Namaskaar. Finally, we have modules on Anatomy & Physiology including the various body systems and also common injuries in Yoga.

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