Beyond Asana

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Are you tired of the regular studio Yoga classes and want to dive deeper into learning 'Everything about Yoga'?

Beyond Asana brings you everything about Yoga in 1 course! Philosophy, Anatomy, Ayurveda, Chakras, Mantras, Meditation and much more – than what is taught in an Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course! 

There is no course where you will find this breadth of Yoga Practice & Learning in 21 modules. 

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What you'll learn from this course?

50 hrs Advanced Yoga Course

Divided into 21 Modules - learn just what interests you or explore all the learnings

There are 7 Modules each on Body, Mind and Prana. Learn at your own pace

For Yoga Practitioners & Teachers looking to upskill

Bonus: Includes regular live webinars with Manish Pole and a free module on Asana Siddhi

Buy the Full Course @ 21% off or Choose any 7 Modules for the price of 6 (USD 299 / INR 22090 + GST)

The 21 Modules




Manish Pole

yogi + guide

  • Teaching Yoga & Meditation since 2003.
  • Lived and trained for 7 years with his Guru – Himalayan Yogi, Bharat Thakur.
  • Moved on from being the CEO of Artistic Yoga in 2010, and co-founded Total Yoga with Neetu Singh
  • Total Yoga has spread from India to USA, UK, UAE, NZ, Singapore & Canada
  • Leads Himalayan retreats in India & Bhutan; as well as Yoga Teacher Trainings in Bali.
  • Founder of 21st Century Yoga for online Yoga + Nature retreats.

Manish Pole has been a Yoga, Meditation & Philosophy Educator for nearly 20 years. Having lived for 7 years with his Guru, he then co-founded Total Yoga with centers spread over 4 continents. In 2020 he co-founded 21st Century Yoga to share classical Yoga, Meditation & Philosophy with a modern Global audience. 

“Beyond Asana is my ‘labour of love!’ I’ve worked hard to bring together everything that a modern Yoga practitioner needs to Learn to keep growing. The course is surf for keen students as well as Yoga Teachers. I hope you enjoy Learning as much as I’ve enjoyed Designing and Teaching Beyond Asana!”

  • Taught the main Meditation event at Dubai Expo 2020.
  • Taught at the YPO as well as TV shows including TATA Sky Active, authored Pune Mirror columns.
  • Trained the UAE National Golf team and Bijapur Bulls cricket team.
  • Taught Yoga to India’s most successful actors, musicians, political & business leaders.
  • Accenture, Dell, Microsoft, IBM, Infosys, Citibank, HSBC, Hager and even at Marlboro!
  • Fundraising for children’s education at the Vidya Foundation through Yoga events
  • Taught Yoga at the Poona Blind School
  • Taught Yoga at Old Age centers in Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions

Beyond Asana is one of the most comprehensive courses available and you will learn everything you need to know with respect to advanced yoga training. Yoga is vast and you will have the opportunity to learn many different aspects of Yoga at one place. This is the real power of the course that you can attain a complete Yoga education in one course that you trust.

You will immediately have Lifetime access to our closed online Community of fellow Yogis doing the Beyond Asana course. Every Month, Manish will be going Live for 2 hours on Zoom exclusively for this Tribe – to Teach and to answer Questions on your Practice.

Beyond Asana is a Yoga Alliance Continued Education Program (YACEP) of 50 hours. As Yoga Teachers, Yoga Alliance requires that every 3 years you complete YACEP of 30 hours. During the pandemic, YA has allowed that all these hours can be done online. Beyond Asana allows you to get the credentialing hours you require while immersing yourself in advanced yoga training. This will hugely upskill you as a Yoga Teacher and you will have so much to explore personally and to offer to your students.

We have identified 21 modules as advanced yoga training subjects that are divided into 7 modules each under the sections Body, Mind and, Prana. Each video/chapter is between 30 to 90 mins and you can watch these on your smartphone, computer or smart tv with an active internet connection.

Body: Shatkriyas, Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga, Surya Namaskar, Ayurveda and Anatomy & Physiology

Mind: History & Philosophy of Yoga, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Yoga for Mental Health

Prana: Chakras, Mudras, Mantras, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, teaching Yoga.

You can learn any module of your choice or the whole course. After completing your Learning you will then give a presentation on each module to your peers online and receive critical feedback from Manish Pole to improve your Learning.

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