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Great Lakes of Kashmir

m.u.s.a.f.i.r - Kashmir Great Lakes Experience - Aug 24 to Sep 02, 2022
m.u.s.a.f.i.r - Kashmir Great Lakes Experience - Aug 24 to Sep 02, 2022

‘JANNAT’ or Heaven is how every traveler has described Kashmir for millennia – and it sure lives up to the reputation!

Snowy Mountains, lush flower-filled Meadows and dreamy turquoise Lakes create an unbelievable palette of colours making the Kashmir Great Lakes trek the most beautiful trail in India, and much of the world!

A treat for the eyes and soul of any weary traveler, the m.u.s.a.f.i.r. experience combines this otherworldly Himalayan beauty with inward-seeking Mindfulness & Yoga practices. Each day isn’t only about the Physical endurance of trekking and the beauty to behold, but also about Mental & Spiritual practices that allow us to immerse deeply into Self-inquiry. After all, the Himalayas aren’t like any other mountain – they also carry the energy of Seekers over thousands of years! Every experience we curate also brings alive the best Cultural elements of the land.

We’ll immerse in the rich musical legacy of Kashmir – by listening each evening to specially chosen ‘Santoor’ compositions by Pandit Shivkumar Sharma! The ‘Jannat’-like beauty of Kashmir inspires us to Meditate on the poems of Kahlil Gibran’s ‘The Prophet’ each day while we Trek – after practising an hour of Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation in the most scenic Himalayan meadows every morning. Camping is the best way to become one with Nature! Bonfires with music, conversations and delicious food; and then waking up to postcard-perfect vistas all around.

As a traveling group with our horses, we embody the spirit of the m.u.s.a.f.i.r. – being on a Journey! Aug 27 is the New Moon – the perfect night to Meditate and set our intention for the coming months.

The Great Lakes trek takes up through 7 days of moderate Trekking over 75kms ascending to a height of 4200m as we cross 3 high passes! With the right training – one Breath at a time, it will be an experience of a lifetime for each of us. And we’ll end with a rest day visiting around Srinagar, and staying the night in a Shikara Houseboat on the magical Dal Lake!
Our trip is designed as such that you are with us from the time you land on Aug 24 till your departure on Sep 2 – 10 days in HEAVEN!

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