As the country battles the Covid-19 pandemic on a war-footing, Abhyasa is one thing which has kept me going. A consistent practice with awareness on the breath with Manish Pole has been an amazing blessing. First training the body, then the breath and then everything beautiful starts to happen by itself. Earlier I use to think that Yoga could be only done in person as there is an energy exchange but today as the year end, it has changed my perspective, Yoga is super effective even when done online. It is just that you need to find an amazing teacher and guide as I found one.

Personally, Abhyasa has helped me to become more patient, to sit in silence, watching myself, my thoughts, awareness within and not worrying much about things which are external and beyond control. I can sit in silence for 30 mins and that’s an achievement for me. I have developed the inner strength and most importantly have learned to be ALIVE in every moment as my mentor suggest. Thank you Manish for accepting me as a Student . Ever grateful. Prayer and good wishes.

Sweta Bidwai