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Abhyasa 1 Month Subscription – Pay As You Feel Right

Only for existing 21st Century Yogis who have completed 3 months or more with us.
The full fees of the course is INR (Indian Rupees) 3999 or US $ 59 + 18% GST/month. You can pay as you feel right for a 1 or 3 month membership of the Abhyasa course. Kindly enter the amount you wish to pay (in Indian Rupees) below and click on add to cart to complete your purchase. If you are signing up for more than 1 month, please change the default quantity value from 1 to the desired number of months

Asana Siddhi Module – Beyond Asana

3,600.00 + 18% GST

The first step of a Journey into Yoga is to master Stillness. And so, here’s the Challenge! In Hatha Yoga, Asana Siddhi means that you can now SIT STILL COMFORTABLY for 2.5 hours. It is this Stillness that we crave in Life – and yet has always existed within us. It is the foundation upon which the endless chattering of our mind goes on. YOGAS CHITTA VRITTI NIRODHAH – Yoga is the cessation of the Mind. So Yogi, I invite you to commit to train towards Asana Siddhi. View the Lecture-Demo and then we’ll begin our Journey together.

Chakras Module: Beyond Asana (USD 49 | INR 3600)

3,600.00 + 18% GST

Today we understand that everything in the cosmos is in a state of vibration. if this is so, that means that each vibration has a frequency.
This also means that we have a certain frequency. So the question is: can we alter this frequency? And if we can, then how does altering my frequency impact my daily life?