How my yoga Abhyasa helped me in 2020?
I started this year on a high from 2019. I had been continuously traveling and living my best life. Once I returned home in March 2020, airports shut and the pandemic took over the world, I become stuck in a room with four walls and a fenced window. I started giving too much attention to the media and the world seemed like it was falling apart. From the covid news to the outrageous events in the United States. I was absorbing everyone’s issues around me and feeling heavy with everyone’s problems. I was agitated, angry, disappointed in humanity and feeling hopeless.

I came back to my practice with Manish and it helped be in the now. I stopped attaching myself to the media & others issues and started to remember a very important lesson from Gandhi that we even discussed in the Abhyasa group. “If you want to change the world, start with yourself” I realized I am not helping anyone or myself being agitated all day.

The Abhyasa program helped me move into stillness again. I found hope again and looked forward to growing physically and mentally everyday with the program. It helped prioritize my day, my needs and my relationships. I noticed a shift in setting my boundaries, my peace & time become my priority.
Many months later I feel revitalized, stronger mentally and physically and effortlessly living in harmony with life. I have lost most the weight I gained during lockdown period, I feel stronger and healthier. I notice my energy and mental clarity is so much better when I consistently do my Abhyasa, I feel like the best version of myself. The Abhyasa program was my rock during this unstable year and I have so much gratitude for Manish and his team for creating and sharing this program, it truly came along at the perfect time.

Aisha Al Ajil